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Heian which means peace and tranquility marked several years of peace and tranquility in Japanese history. The period is also witness to several developments in Japanese culture in terms of art, poetry and literature.

Heian period JapanPerhaps it was because during the Heian period that the Imperial capital was at its finest—in terms of art and control—that the two warring clans Taira and Minamoto had ensued control over the Imperial capital. It was also during this period that the samurai class took the power in the prominent clans in the country. This feudal period of marked samurai control is exhibited by Taira no Kiyomori who was a samurai general who had control over the Taira clan—and the Imperial capital prior to the Genpei war.

Several cultural influences were wielded during the Heian period. This includes the massive influence of the Nara period which was the period which preceded the Heian period in Japan.

The Heian period has largely influenced Japanese culture. It was during this period that a conglomeration of Chinese influence and Tibetan culture has reached Japan owing to the influence of Buddhism in Japan during the Heian period.

The use of Kana in Japanese literature has seen its dawn during the Heian period. Prior to the use of Kana, it was the use of written Chinese which pervaded Japanese literature.

Several epics, novels, and narrative Monogatari are established during the period.